You Made Me Watch This Episode Five



This week, we did our duties as movie consumers and watched the latest comic-book romp with Wolverine, Logan. Featuring such classic comic book tropes as: chronic pain leading to addiction! The increased militarization of our southern border! The fragility and unpredictability of aging! And how tough it is when you suddenly find out that you have a long-lost feral clone daughter who is being hunted by a shadowy tech conglomerate!

Okay, that last one was actually kind of comic-booky.

In this episode, Ed waxes rhapsodic about Westerns while Nicole wonders if a world full of mutants would be a Randian nightmare where the strong crush the weak. Comics! Yay!

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Our intro music is from “Not Drunk” by The Joy Drops and our outro is “France Vs. Korea by Ari De Niro, both found via Free Music Archive. Our logo was created by E.G. himself. 

(also, it was Junot Diaz Nicole was thinking about. Duh.)

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