YMMWT Episode One

Our inaugural episode is a “holiday-themed” “anthology” “horror” “film” called A Christmas Horror Story (2015) directed by Grant Harvey, Steven Hoban and Brett Sullivan.

With three “vignettes” and a Shatner-anchored wraparound story, this one gave us lots to talk about. Nicole has some serious questions for that basement-dwelling sex-ghost, Ed critiques the Krampus’ beefy physique and neither of us have any idea where any of this is happening. Happy holidays, y’all, try not to get disemboweled by a horn-ed Christmas monster!


Our intro music is from “Not Drunk” by The Joy Drops and our outro is “France Vs. Korea by Ari De Niro, both found via Free Music Archive. Our logo was created by E.G. himself.
Read more at http://ymmwt.libsyn.com/#JkwTcAh5vtxbqQ55.99

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